Samsung Galaxy S8 Revealed In 3 Korean TV Ads By Samsung Display

A trio of TV ads by Samsung Display highlights a Samsung product that is yet to be released but has been the talk of the town these past few days.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is more than a month away from being officially introduced but this early a number of renders from third-party companies have shown what the Galaxy S8 might look like. And now, Samsung Display has released promotional videos with the Galaxy S8 as the star.

As BGR noted in its report, it does not directly say that the phone in the videos is indeed the Galaxy S8 or some other model. It may just be a version of the much-awaited handset or just a concept the makers of the ads cooked up.

However, there are some similarities and differences between the details of the device in the videos to the rumored features of the Korean tech giant's next flagship device.

AMOLED Display

The ads clearly indicated that the display is an AMOLED screen. CNET sees this as an indication that the Galaxy S8 will sport the said display. A rumor which surfaced last year, in fact, indicates that the Galaxy S8 will sport a 4K AMOLED display with 2,160 x 3,840-pixel resolution. As impressive as the graphics of the videos are, it is hard to tell if the AMOLED screen is indeed 4K capable or if it does have that much resolution.

No Home Button

The lack of a home button is clearly noticeable. As rumored before, the Galaxy S8 will be ditching the physical home button in favor of a virtual one which will be embedded under the display. This feature is consistent with the renders by Ghostek and Olixar, a couple of companies which make smartphone cases for Samsung among others.

Curved or Flat?

There is one glaring difference, however, between the phone in the ads and the rumored look of the Galaxy S8. The version in the ads does not sport a curved screen. Instead of the screen spilling over the sides of the handset, the one in the videos has slim bezels.

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