How 'Nintendo NES Classic' Makes Up For Supply Shortage, Latest Updates on 'SNES Mini'

As of now, the Nintendo NES Classic is still experiencing massive success as it is still one of the most in-demand consoles since it was launched back in November.

Nintendo Deals with Supply Shortage

But even though Nintendo has promised that it will do the best of what it can to keep up with the stock demands of the NES, there still remains a certain level of uncertainty. That uncertainty arises as questions on how they can manage to produce great numbers are spreading.

According to Mobile N Apps, the NES Classic is still experiencing supply shortage. Today, there are only a very limited number of stocks that are available in the market. This then causes its prices to skyrocket due to the third party sellers who are grabbing the opportunity to do so.

With this, Nintendo admits that it is their fault as to why the NES Classic shortage happened. However, it seems like the company would make up for its demerits in the upcoming SNES Classic Edition.

Nintendo Learns from History

Based on a report issued by Digital Trends, Nintendo will ensure that its Nintendo Switch will not suffer the same fate. The company would then be more careful next time when it starts to produce the SNES.

Rumors about the SNES started to take shape when the company filed their own trademark. It is with this reason that Nintendo might not anymore suffer stock shortage when the time comes for the SNES to make its way in the market.

Talking about the recent hacks, the company would also enable players to add more games for the SNES Classic when it releases. As of now, there is a message released from the Nintendo NES. It talks of advising the users to ensure that the system is tidied up.

Hopefully, things go well for the NES, as well as the SNES Classic Edition.

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