Pokemon GO News, Release Date: Next Update Might Be Released On Valentine's Day, New Pokemon Might Be Added

Fans are waiting if Niantic Lab plans to add legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO. There are rumors that the monsters will be added in the next update and that might be next month. If this is true, then the players will finally get what they have been waiting for.

Legendary Pokemon Might Be Added In Pokemon GO

According to Enstarz, Niantic Lab might be deciding to add legendary Pokemon such as Moltres, Articuno and Zapdos in Pokemon GO. The fans are thinking that it will be released on Valentine's Day. A lot of players are hoping that the monsters will appear soon.

The players keep on requesting Niantic Lab to release the legendary Pokemon on an earlier date during Chinese New Year. If the developer will be releasing the new monsters, then players will be overwhelmed once it will be available.

Niantic Lab wants the Pokemon GO fans to be engaged in the game with events that will keep them playing. Hopefully, these rumors are true because a lot of players have been losing their interest in the game.

Pre-Orders Of Pokemon GO Plus Trackers Are Up For Grabs

Since the developer wants the players of Pokemon GO to focus in the game, Nintendo announced that the trackers will be available for pre-orders. The players can have their accessory on March 31 but it will be exclusive for Nintendo UK.

The tracker will allow the Pokemon GO players to track down the Pokemon by sending the players notifications. It will vibrate and light up whenever there is a monster near them. A lot of players have pre-ordered the accessory already.

Niantic Lab should do its best in keeping the players interested in the game. Analysts have observed that the game is starting to lose its fame because new games have been introduced every week and players are easily attracted to play them.

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