Oh No! HIV Outbreak In An Unnamed Village In Bristol Bay Causes Mass Hysteria, Find Out Why

Despite the continuous efforts to eradicate HIV across the globe, it is just but inevitable to diminish the long dreaded disease in just a snap. However, Alaskan health officials have recently reported an outbreak of five new HIV cases in a Bristol Bay area village that has reportedly took place in 2016 which led to great number of residents of the unnamed area to be startled. Officials of the state have revealed that the small outbreak case allegedly began with a single individual who has been diagnosed positive for the virus that usually causes AIDS.

HIV Outbreak In An Unnamed Village In Bristol Bay

According to reports revealed by Alaska News, after the isolated case which has first happened in February, another case has followed in October and November, and two additional people were reported to have been tested positive as officials began investigating. In the recently published epidemiology report, health authorities have already identified the village as "Community A" but have also confirmed to KDLG radio that it was in the Bristol Bay area.

In one of her statements reported by KTOO News, Dr. Cathy Hyndman from the Kanakanak Hospital in Dillingham has revealed that unprotected sex and not needle sharing, has allegedly been the reason for the transmission of the virus. Furthermore, it was found that all five of the HIV cases that were reported have involved men who had sex with men. Dr. Hyndman explains that alcohol and drug use did likely lead to unprotected sexual activity since if a person becomes intoxicated by alcohol, he is then believed to be poor in terms if decision making.

Hyndman was found to recommend people who are at risk to have themselves be regularly tested and begin treatment quickly if diagnosed with HIV. Ultimately, a significant number of experts believe that safe sex would always be beneficial for both parties and that for any sexually transmitted cases, condoms would always be significant.


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