Biggest Apps In Terms Of Profit Revealed, Spotify And Netflix Tops The List

People have been addicted to tv series, music and movies last year. With this, apps that are focused on providing streaming services tops the list of greatest apps last 2016. This is based on the revenue generated in the previous year. Spotify, which was declared number one, earned the top spot on both the App Store and Google Play which are the sources of apps for iOS and Android respectively.

Spotify Rank Number One On 'Top Apps Of 2016, Line, Tinder And HBO Now Earned Rightful Spots As Well

Aside from Spotify, apps that made it to the year-end report are not surprisingly those apps that focused on connecting to people and streaming services. Based on the profit earned, LINE came in number two followed by apps that made a big noise last 2016: Pandora, HBO NOW, Tinder and Netflix.

Aside from those, Hulu and Sing! Karaoke earned the 9th and 10th spot based on the revenue earned overall. Tech Crunch admitted that the list is a great indicator that there has been a serious shift in the television to streaming services. Up until now, there is a rapid growth of Android and iOS users who continuously subscribed on music and on live stream.

It was also reiterated that the success made by the apps in the list are real serious as they turn themselves profitable last year. However, behind those successes are the succeeding issues that the apps are currently facing.

Top Apps Of 2016 Faces Real Issues And Controversies, Laying Off Of Workforce And Decreasing Customers Evident

For example, Pandora just revealed that it would be having a serious layoff of its workforce in the days to come. This is despite the fact that they earned a great number of paid subscribers last year. Many told that their competitors have been a great contributor in this supposed downfall.

Also, HBO now, with its rate of $15/month price, is facing a decrease in number of customers, as millennials are not attracted to subscribe on the app.

On the other hand, apps that earned the top spot as downloads include: Uber, Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, Messenger and Facebook.

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