Already Dead, Site Fails To Imitate Twitter

Social media has been one of the major trends in the previous years. With this, many are looking out for opportunities to go big in the online community. However, it seems like some are not destined to make it on top as it announces permanent shutting down. One of them is the, a site famous for competing with the tweet-based site, Twitter. Announces Defeat, Site Shuts Down While Twitter Stands Strong

Many are not surprised with how ended. Some even tagged the site "ambitious" as it tries to go and fight against Twitter. The said site was already on "maintenance mode" since May 2014, and people are already concluding that it would close down real soon.

Tech Crunch also stated that the site's executives Dalton Caldwell and Bryan Berg admitted that the network is on autopilot as it fails to meet the revenue expected to continuously generate and compensate for the future expenses of the site. However, victories are still evident in the site as it surpasses $750,000 in pledges for its crowdfunding campaign. became famous once, as it declared that it would be subscription-based and ad-free even if it would become popular.

Twitter Stays On The Top, Greatest Competitor Contributes To Its Downfall

Furthermore, the site didn't make the required money as its direct competitor, Twitter, is already becoming a huge success in every part of the world.

The company would be officially ending on March 15, 2017, as its sign-up and renew subscriptions ability stops. Caldwell, gave out his sentiments regarding the said shutdown:

Ultimately, we failed to overcome the chicken-and-egg issue between application developers and user adoption of those applications. We envisioned a pool of differentiated, fast-growing third-party applications would sustain the numbers needed to make the business work. Our initial developer adoption exceeded expectations, but that initial excitement didn't ultimately translate into a big enough pool of customers for those developers. This was a foreseeable risk, but one we felt was worth taking.

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