Vampire Bats Now Discovered To Be Feeding On Human Blood Already

There are many types of animals which have been reported to have had a special kind of diet in order to survive; amongst them were the different kinds of bats. However, there is one kind that makes it more special than the rest of them, as it feeds on human blood.

Certain Breed Of Bats Discovered To Have Been Feeding On Human Blood To Survive

One of the greatest and most horrifying discoveries in science has happened, as a certain breed of animal is currently surviving this world by feeding on human blood. According to reports, a new study has been published just last December proving that scientists have confirmed that the hairy-legged vampire bats or scientifically known as Diphylla Ecaudata is feeding on human blood. Such information was not even expected by the scientists who have studied the said creatures.

A group of researchers from a university in Brazil tested the feces of the bats as trees have been cut down and would make these bats drain due to the absence of a meal. The study is to find out what their main source of food has been since their normal source has been cancelled out. They initially thought that the bats may have been feeding on other animals as well in order to survive, however their discovery has brought them to an entirely different dimension. As a result of their study, they have discovered that they are indeed feeding not only on animal blood, but on human blood as well.

Human Blood As Source Of Food For Bats Can Lead To Dangerous And Deadly Viruses It Could Carry

Based on the DNA analysis that they have conducted on the feces of the bats, they have discovered that they have been feeding on chicken blood, which was no surprise. However, it took them by surprise when they found a human DNA on the food that they intake, showing that they are preying on humans. Thus, one of the most horrific discoveries has been made that has led to the humans fearing over the creatures all the more. This could even lead to the bats carrying an even more dangerous virus that could be deadly to the humans.

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