Apple's Wireless AirPods Don't Fall Off The Ears In New Ad

Apple's awaited wireless earphones update us with a few TV ads about the AirPod. The ads were released just this weekend

Not too long ago, the CEO of Apple was adamantly convincing us that his AirPods never fall out of his ears whenever he lets his hair down.

The main ad called Stroll places us in a black and white urban landscape in Mexico city which features a man dancing around to Down by Maria Hill. He even defies gravity by dancing on the side of cars and upside down in theater buildings. All the while, Apple AirPods remain intact on his ears for the 1-minute video.

In another ad, we can see a solid black background with the AirPods contrasting as notes on a musical stave. The video stays true to Apple's minimalist aesthetic coupled with alternative music.

The AirPods are smart in a way because of its inclusion of proximity sensors, allowing the music to be paused by users automatically when they are removed. This means there are no more micro backtracks. The Apple earbuds have no physical buttons in sight but you can pretty much just double tap the stalks to activate Siri with the help of the integrated mic.

Let's not forget Apple's W1 technology that permits seamless pairing to iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad devices. The pairing will automatically synchronize over iCloud enabling Apple devices. The AirPods will communicate using a Bluetooth setup for any other accessories, including Apple TV.

All you need to do to pair with an iPhone within close proximity. Users open the carrying case and a pairing view automatically appears on the iPhone screen.

Sometime in December of 2016, the Apple AirPods were available on Apple's online store for only $159, however, there were only limited stocks. The AirPods proved its popularity when within one hour after it was posted at Apple's online store, the product was no longer available for Christmas delivery.

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