Overwatch Might Just Offer These Lunar Festival Items According To Fans

January 28 marks this year's Chinese New Year and Overwatch fans are too pumped to note that Blizzard Entertainment might be working a lunar event for the game. In fact, a community post made by a fan last Saturday, Jan. 14 speculated festival items that could be making appearance in the reported lunar event which were responded by over a couple of hundred other players. Here's what Overwatch fans think if the Chinese New Year event holds true.

Overwatch Lunar Festival

Blizzard Entertainment had been holding special Lunar Festival events for its games in the past, including Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm and World of Warcraft. On Battle.net, Overwatch fans have been excited to speculate that the developer might as well be hosting a similar event for its latest shooter video game in the coming days. Last Saturday, Jan. 14, a fan named Bloggerman on the said platform authored a post predicting the Lunar Festival in Overwatch and the items that may be up for grabs during this event.

According to the fan's post, it predicted that the event should bring "new skins, sprays and possible emotes." The said fan went on to give a breakdown on the specifics of the prediction to include Mei wearing a panda suit and Hanzo or Soldier: 67 in Kimono. Widowmaker and D.Va should also get a makeover for the event. The first suggestion has been a well-known concept in the community so Blizzard might just consider it.

Community's Positive Response

Despite this post is only a prediction, it gathered positive responses from other players, engaging them in an interactive conversation. One popular post suggested a firework-themed Bastion. Meanwhile, long-time rumored Genji shark fin was also expected to finally come out. On the flip side, there are also fans who remain dubious about the likelihood that the event will take place soon.

What do you think of the Lunar Festival in Overwatch? What skins would you like to see for your favorite character? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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