Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Release Date, Price, Specs And Features

We might not see the Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge until April 18 of this year, but the South Korean tech giant assures every fan that it will be worth the wait.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Release Date

The existing Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge was unveiled at the MWC 2016 and there is a very large chance that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge will be announced at this year's event. In fact, it is now been rumored that the Samsung's next flagship smartphone will be announced on February 26 which is the day before the MWC 2017 starts.

With that said, some reports also said that development of the Galaxy S8 series has been delayed by 2 weeks while Samsung investigates the causes of the Galaxy Note 7's exploding battery issues. Though it is not yeat clear how much of an effect this delay would have on the announcement and release of the most anticipated Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Price

According to a review, the price of the new Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge will be lesser than the initially thought. Early reports claimed that the Galaxy S8 Edge price topping the price of $1000 in the US, but again, this is highly unlikely to happen. Expect to see a launch price in the same range as the Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S7 Edge which will mean a full-price of about $900.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Specs And Features

According to TechRadar, the display of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge has a pixel density of 806 pixels per inch, so it will be incredibly sharp. Chinese sources said to WCCF Tech reckon that a 4K display of some kind will hit Samsung's next flagship, that could also be part of the feature of the Galaxy S8 Edge.

Aside from the smartphone's 5.5-inch curved screen and 4K resolution display, it is said to have a built-in fingerprint scanner. Weibo reported that Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge will have a fingerprint scanner built into its screen. This would allow Samsung to remove the home button in front of the screen. Also, it will potentially shrink the overall handset size or grow the screen even without increasing the dimensions.

Other rumors suggest that all the buttons of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge will be going to be soft touch and that all will have customizable functions. Because of this features of the Galaxy S8 Edge, it could have a possible feature similar to the pressure-sensitive 3D Touch tech used by Apple.

It is also possible for the most anticipated smartphone that the screen could grow, with one rumor suggesting that Samsung will launch 5.7 and 6.2-inch versions of the Galaxy S8 -- it would probably be attached to the Galaxy S8 Edge.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge concept will combine the idea of creating one mobile device that will accurately do everything. Samsung is committed to integrating all the latest and greatest features when it comes to mobile technology. Some other features of Samsung upcoming smartphones will keep you connected to your vehicle and offer a wide array of mobile payment options. The enhanced security will also be huge in the Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge concept, especially considering the advances in Android Pay as well as Samsung Pay.


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