Foxconn To Build A Glass Manufacturing Factory In The US

Foxconn, the well-known manufacturer of iPhones, is rumored to build its own LCD manufacturing facilities in the states. The company has acquired Sharp early last year and this means that Foxconn would also be taking over Sharp's glass production capabilities. If this ends up being true, a chain of positive effects is expected to happen.

Foxconn's Alleged Plan To Build A Glass Facility In The States

According to Phone Arena, a Sharp official has claimed that Foxconn's plans of building a US-based glass facility is already "on the table". Take note that the iPhone manufacturer now has rights over Sharp after the $6.2 billion acquisition deal. This can lead to a couple of things: Foxconn's ability to create its own screens for iPhones within the US; and Foxconn's capacity to provide hundreds or thousands of jobs in the country.

Foxconn's Plans In The US

Foxconn and Sharp do intend to provide a large amount of jobs in the US by means of a glass manufacturing plant. This would hopefully relieve the criticisms given to US companies who have been cutting manufacturing costs by handing over their productions in Asian facilities rather than in the States. Nevertheless, although this US-based facility is supposedly intended towards LCD display panels for home appliance, there is also a good chance that Foxconn would eventually take its iPhone manufacturing in the same location, as per a Redmondpie report.

Foxconn's Apple iPhone Production

On a different note, recent reports suggest that Samsung will be the one to supply Apple with its OLED panels needs for this year until the end of 2018. Nevertheless, reports have also come out about Foxconn's plans to start producing OLED screens within the same facility in China where it does the majority of iPhones' assembly. The race towards the use of OLED display panels has become more serious than ever as the trend shifts towards the use of the said display. In fact, Apple is reportedly expected to get about a hundred million OLED display panels in this year alone. This could create a problem for other smartphone makers who aim to use the same display technology. Nevertheless, as Foxconn is reported to join OLED manufacturing, this could undeniably relieve the demand for the said display panel.


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