DJI Mavic Pro Review: The Best Camera Drone Of 2017

Whether you are new to the drone scene or you are expert taking pictures using this gadget, DJI Mavic Pro is for you.

DJI Mavic Pro Review

With the super amazing and compact design of the Mavic Pro, DJI has brought simple modifications to the droning course that are totally game changers. The front and back legs of the DJI Mavic Pro can be folded into the body and its camera is located on the nose of the craft, instead of having at the bottom like the usual drone. This set-up allows the drone itself to have a very small footprint for ultra-portability.

According to Expert Reviews, DJI drones, specifically, the Mavic Pro is a user-friendly device. It was launched at the touch of a button on the DJI smartphone app, the drone flys into the air the remains and continues to be still, awaiting the user’s data input. For those still navigating the learning curve, an optional Beginner mode limits the drone’s speed, while built-in sensors help it avoid crashing into obstacles and track moving objects.

Technically, the DJI Mavic Pro is not that dissimilar to the Phantom 4. The high-speed performance mode allows the user to fly the camera drone at 40mph and have a flight time for about 27 minutes. The shot range is an impressive up to 4.3 miles, although you will lose the sight of it long before you reach that limit.

Tap Fly is another recurring feature of the DJI Mavic Pro. It allows the user to navigate at the touch of a button. The ‘surveillance mode’ of the camera drone, however, enables the drone to circle an object, maybe as a focus, pointing the camera at it the whole time, in an imposing but nonetheless impressive act.

Another feature of the DJI Mavic Pro is once you zoom it through the air, it just feels like playing a video game. You can use it in several flight modes to automate the drone’s movement so you can focus on defending the camera.

DJI Mavic Pro: The Best Camera Drone Of 2017

At a price of $1,000 for a drone camera and flying through the air, is a nerve-wracking experience at first. DJI Mavic Pro indeed is the best camera drone of the year, considering you are basically getting all the best aspects of the pricier Phantom 4 in a smaller form factor, it’s actually a great buy. It is actually the first device that is so easy and approachable, it feels destined to make droning mainstream.


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