Multiplayer Survival Game 'New Dawn' Releases Its Kickstarter; Here's What To Expect

Recently, the most anticipated multiplayer survival game New Dawn, released a Kickstarter campaign. Fans are very excited about the game, as it offers an amazing survival experience. The upcoming survival game is something new to the fans, as it puts everyone in an island to survive.

What To Expect From New Dawn?

In New Dawn, players must survive in an island filled with pirates. The pirates are the common enemies in the game. However, there are many things that will surely keep players busy. First is the crafting system, where players can craft weapons, armors and other items. There will also be a status system, which makes the players hungry, thirsty and feeling a bit cold. Fans might notice that some features of this game are already seen. However, there are still more features that this game offers, such as the pirates who can raid and loot the player's stash. Players can also capture pirates to make them as slaves.

What makes this game different from the other survival game is the challenging logout system, where the player's character is still on a sleeping state even if he or she logged out. This feature is one of the most challenging and realistic in most survival games today, as it puts everyone in an active state to keep themselves being alive. Fans who are looking for some real survival challenge might consider trying this game soon, as it is now recently released a Kickstarter.

When Will New Dawn Be Released?

At this point of time, players might wait until it reaches the goal on Kickstarter. Due to this, fans can only wait for further updates about the game. However, it is most likely to be successful, as the game has seen a huge interest from gamers with its concept. Anyone interested to participate in crowdfunding game may do so here.

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