No Man's Sky Update: Land Vehicles Coming Soon? Data Miners Discover Upgradable ATV Buggies

No Man's Sky may soon be updated with buggies that can be upgraded, according to a recent leak. Data miners found evidence of jetpacks, storage, photon cannon and more that can be fitted into a land vehicle, which may be the same as the one discovered a couple of months ago.

No Man's Sky ATV Will Have Several Upgrades

According to PowerUpGaming, No Man's Sky players might have to build a specialist vehicle terminal first, then hire a mechanic before moving on to missions to get ATV components. It was not entirely detailed what items will be needed to construct the buggy, but the upgrades will reportedly make use of already existing game technology.

The datamined notes include a bunch of NPC dialogues that mentioned jetpacks, Booster upgrade, Landing Pad plans, Hybrid ATV and more. Also according to the recently leaked information, there will be at least 10 upgrades to the No Man's Sky buggy.

There are what are called the Jetpack Alpha, Beta and Gamma, Tune-up Alpha, Beta and Gamma, Photon Cannon Alpha, Beta and Gamma, and ATV Storage. Jetpacks allow flight, while Tune-ups increase performance. For those who want to fit their future buggies with weapons, there is the Photon Cannon.

No Man's Sky ATV First Leaked In November?

The leaks are assumed to be connected to the previous one that was discovered by Redditor eegandj in November 2016. Found within the game files is a tire texture, which led to the speculation that No Man's Sky is welcoming a land vehicle soon. The forum user also found a 3D model that he was able to successfully import into the game.

Those who want to try it out can download the PC mod called "Land Vehicle Test" here. The mod replaces Word Stones in the game, according to the description. It is unknown when a working one will make its way to No Man's Sky, but fans are hopeful it will be soon so they can roam planets more efficiently.

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