Everything You Need To Know About The Impact Of Hemoglobin To Multiple Sclerosis Patients: Does It Cause Shrinkage To The Brain? Details Inside

A new study finds that the shrinking of the brain in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) may be associated to a leakage from the damaged red blood cells. Supposedly, experts believe that hemoglobin presence should basically be expected to transport iron and oxygen throughout the body through the red blood cells, and that alone. However, in the new study, researchers have recently found that certain treatments used in lowering hemoglobin levels could potentially slow the progression of the disease.

The Impact Of Hemoglobin To Multiple Sclerosis Patients

In one of his statements reported by Specialty Pharmacy Times, study lead author Charles Bangham, PhD, said that if in the future, further studies would be able to make an affirmation about their findings, it may suggest new avenues of treatment, and hopefully more options to be offered to patients as well. It was found that MS patients typically experience fatigue, vision problems, muscle spasms, and impaired mobility that may vary in severity from patient to patient. Current records show that nearly 65 percent of patients are diagnosed with secondary progressive MS, which is known to be a more severe disease state.

Furthermore, as per Bel Marra Health, previous studies have already uncovered high levels of iron around blood vessels in the brain, which is known to be toxic and hence, believed to be the reason for the death of brain cells in MS patients. Meanwhile, in the new study, researchers suggest that hemoglobin may be held accountable for the presence of high iron levels in the brain. Ultimately, Prof. Bangham explains that as the iron escapes from the hemoglobin, the process is then seen to result in the cell damage and brain shrinkage we see in secondary progressive MS. Moreover, the team of researchers are allegedly on the move in working on additional studies in order to confirm their findings and to possibly explore the various treatments that are essential to address the problem.


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