Incredible Tips And Tricks To Boost Your iPhone´s Battery Life

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Having a great battery life is probably the most important detail that any iPhone seeks to achieve, considering that this is actually more important than other features. Photo : Android Authority/YouTube

Let´s face it, the battery life is probably the most important detail in any iPhone, given the fact that even it could have the most incredible features, getting your battery drained in a short time makes it practically irrelevant. If you want to avoid this situation, here are some useful tricks that will help you to boost the battery life.

Adjusting The iPhone´s Brightness Can Improve Its Battery Life

It´s a fact that an iPhone´s screen is one of the iOS device´s primary power drain, so one of the best things you can do in order to improve the battery life of the smartphone is to turn down the brightness. Believe it or not, if there´s a lot of screen brightness the battery will not last for long, and if you actually put it at full brightness, devices as the iPhone 5 or the iPhone 6 will last no more than 6 hours.

Given this situation, one important tip to avoid this kind of issue is to save some battery life by adjusting your iPhone´s brightness, using the slider in Control Center, which can be accessed by just swiping from the bottom of the display. You just have to drag the brightness with a setting that still leaves your iPhone usable. In fact, is also recommendable to turn off the Auto-Brightness, even when Apple says is designed to conserve battery life.

You Can Turn On The Low Power Mode

If you want to improve the battery life of your iPhone, the best thing you can actually use is the Low Power Mode feature, since this is characterized for reducing overall power requirements, and even making your iPhone battery last longer. In fact, the Cupertino company claims that this mode will allow you to gain three more hours of battery life from the mobile device.

This feature -which is available only in iOS 10 and 9- far from being a default option, is offered automatically when you´re in the 20 percent remaining power. Once this happens, you will see a warning flash up and an option to activate the Low Power Mode, and when you turned it on, you´ll see that the battery indicator turns orange instead of red.

When you charge past 80 percent, the mode will be switched off again automatically, and you can also enable this feature without waiting for the iPhone to reach the 20 percent. If you think this option fits better to your needs, the only thing you have to do is go to setting, and tap Battery and turn on Low Power Mode.

Reduce The Notifications On Your iPhone

The tricky thing about iPhone´s battery life is the fact that there´s a lot of insignificant details that can actually represent a potential power drain. Believe it or not, the phone´s notification are one of these, given the fact that every time a notification pops up on the lock screen, the power up and vibration for every single notification actually waste the battery life.

Unfortunately, this is something that many users don't know, and even when they make a lot of moves to improve their iPhone´s battery life, not knowing about the notification´s issue is definitely an important detail that to achieve their expectations. If you´re one of these, what you must do is reducing the notifications by customizing the apps.

The only thing you need to do is going to Settings and click Notifications, there you will have the option to make this happen. In fact, if you actually want to get rid of every single notification in order to improve your iPhone´s battery life, the best way is by using the Do Not Disturb setting.

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