Healthy Pregnancy Is Closely Linked To Sexual Frequency, Experts Say

A new research says that a healthy pregnancy is closely tied to having a lot of sex for at least three months before conception. Women who have sex regularly with the same partner for the last three to six months were found to have a better immune system and less occurrence of preeclampsia, experts say. The explanation for this finding lies on the frequency the seminal fluid of the father is deposited in the vagina and cervix, which establishes a strong immune tolerance in the mother.

Evidence from animal studies and clinical experiments strongly suggest that seminal fluid, the fluid that carries the sperm, plays a valuable role not only during pregnancy but also in the development of a healthy fetus. The small molecules in the seminal fluid act as biological signals that persuade a woman's immune system to accept the foreign fluid. This tolerance is necessary in supporting the stable attachment of the embryo to the placenta, ensuring a healthy pregnancy, the Daily Mail says.

The study suggests that repeated sexual contact with the father enforces recognition of the seminal molecules which strengthens the mother's immune system, even lowering the risk of one of the most common and rarely life-threatening maternal condition. Preeclampsia causes inflammation during pregnancy, dangerously increasing blood pressure, which severely affects the health of the baby, and can even cause death in the mother if left untreated. According to the SBS, preeclampsia is most common in mothers who had less than 3 months of sex with their partner.

Women who got pregnant at the first sexual encounter have 22 percent more risk of preeclampsia which is three times higher than the average. Low birth weight babies are also more common. Among recent medical tips on how to boost a healthy pregnancy, the frequency of sex is found to matter a lot both on the health of the mother and baby.

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