One Fan Transformed The Last Of Us Game Into A LEGO

LEGO and video games have always been interdependent with one another. This is not only because there are various LEGO games available in the market, but also this is due to lots of video game fans who are willing to make impressive gaming LEGO builds. For instance, the creation of the Hyrule Castle from The Legend of Zelda.

There is one fan who became passionate in creating a LEGO build that is inspired by The Last of Us. Tim Schwalfenberg, the creator of this piece, was truly satisfied when he shared a few of the amazing snapshots of his diorama on Flickr. The Brothers Brick showed how Schwalfenberg's creation attracted a high number of audiences within the entire LEGO community.

It is not entirely surprising why this LEGO creation truly attracted a lot of people since the creation has effectively utilized LEGO bricks to the extent that it was able to create a truly amazing match to the grim settings of the The Last of Us world. Joel and Ellie were also recreated in the form of LEGO and they were integrated into the locales of the game's world through this diorama, as reported by Game Rant.

Schwalfenberg spent a month in order to complete his LEGO build, thus spending a total time of around 100 hours. The diorama used around 20,000 bricks, and it consumed an area of 3.5 feet by 2 feet. Schawalfenberg even enhanced the feel of the build by using custom 3D-printed pieces, which added an impressive texture to the exterior of the buildings. The diorama was able to truly show how versatile LEGO bricks can be.


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