Mini Strokes Could Be Cause For Dementia

A stroke can have lasting effects on a person. Even a mild stroke will have effects that can last for years. Mini strokes could be cause for dementia, as a study reveals.

A study has shown that a mini stroke can create a dysfunction in the brain. This damage could be as large as 12 times than what can visibly be seen. The study has also shown that those with cognitive impairment and dementia have likely been through a number of mini strokes than those who don't have dementia.

The recent study made by researchers from the Medical University of North Carolina (MUNC) could be important in knowing more the role that mini strokes have on dementia. Studying mini strokes his hard since detection is equally difficult. Andy Shih, Ph.D. is the senior lead of the study and assistant professor of Neurosciences. He said that mini strokes are unpredictable and that there aren't many equipment that can totally detect them.

The only way medical researchers can make a study correlating mini strokes with dementia is through a post mortem analysis. Shih has speculated that mini strokes could disrupt parts of the brain's functions. A person can go through a number of mini strokes and not notice it, as usually such attacks could be resolved in days, according to Science Daily.

During post mortem analysis, the team has found that a mini stroke can cause damage to as much as 12 times the size that can be seen visibly. Shih said that while large strokes can cause much damage, this is the first time that mini strokes have been shown to cause much damage in the brain as well. Also the duration can be much longer.

The post mortem analysis has further revealed that mini strokes can briefly show, but it would soon disappear. However its effect on the brain can be much longer, and can take months before the effects subside, as Medical Xpress reports. These effects can accumulate for people who experience repeated mini strokes, and could have damage in the same way as that of a major stroke.

Shih hopes that the study can lead to better MRI detection and interpretation as well as new preventive measures. The study has shown that mini strokes can be cause for dementia. A study has also shown that fewer rep workouts can be good for the health as well.


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