Young People Don’t Sleep Much Because Of Social Media

Social media has become part of people's lives now. Teens most especially have been active on social media. This is so much so that young people don't sleep much because of social media.

Social media is a good way to stay in contact with people today. It has made communication so much easier. With connection practically daily and being up all the time, this can cause some to use it more often. A study has shown that one in five teens would wake up at night in order to check for messages on social media.

Staying up late can have consequences on young people who regularly check on their social media. The study has found that students who wake up at night tend to feel tired at school. This could also affect their mood and wellbeing.

The study was conducted with 900 young people participating. The participants ranged between 12 to 15 years in age. The study has the participants answer a questionnaire about social media use and how many times they would wake up to check on it.

The study has found that girls are more active on social media, waking up more times to check on it than boys. Those who check on it at night are more tired in school. They were found to also be less happy compared to those who don't check social media too much, according to Science Daily. Study author Professor Sally Power has reported the findings. She is also the co-director of the Wales Institute for Social and Economic Research, Data and Methods (WISERD).

The study has confirmed the concern that parents and educators have about young people using social media too much, as AlphaGalileo reports. Further studies are being planned to make a definitive conclusion about social media use and its effect on students in school. What is clear is that young people don't sleep much because of social media. Another concern are teens who are into too much gaming need strong friendships.

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