Overwatch Update: Health Bars Added To Spectator Mode

The Spectator Mode in Overwatch didn't entirely win the hearts of the players. This is because most of them believe that it lacks certain key features. Among these is the absence of health bars, something that kept the spectators from guessing who's winning the match. This one here, in particular, is quite beneficial to those who love watching the game's eSports. Well, fortunately, Blizzard has filled the void.

According to PVPLive, the studio has finally managed to bring the health bars to the Overwatch Spectator Mode. But of course, it has to go through the game's Public Test Realm (PTR) first. Nonetheless, this is a great addition to look forward to in the official server.

The forthcoming arrival of health bars to the aforementioned Overwatch mode presents a good number of benefits. One is it lets players or viewers better understand the tide of the matches. Second and most importantly, it lets them get a better grip of which team is winning the battle. Certainly, fans are pleased.

As of recent memory, Blizzard has been very vocal about bringing improvements to Overwatch. In fact, in the past few days, these adjustments were already brought to the game. So, in a sense, it's really just a matter of time before the health bars will arrive. There's really no doubting about their existence.

Overwatch eSports, in particular, badly needs this functionality. It gives the pro players clarity, most especially the fans. It simply intensifies the fight, knowing that a player is about to get busted or whatnot. This is definitely a huge step from the developers.

The health bars came to Overwatch Spectator Mode unannounced in the PTR. As of this writing, Blizzard has yet to give an official statement as to when it'll arrive to the official servers. This should be expected anytime soon.

What are your thoughts on the new changes made to the Spectator Mode in Overwatch? Do you like its addition to the PTR? What are your other expectations from Blizzard? Share to us what your thoughts are at the comment section below!

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