Samsung Galaxy Note 2: Top 5 S Pen Tips And Tricks

Samsung is allegedly on track to launch the third generation of its phablet, the Galaxy Note 3; however, the Korean company's best-selling Galaxy Note 2 is still among the most popular smartphones around.

One of the features that makes the 5.5-inch Galaxy Note 2 stand out from the crowd (apart from its screen size) is the S Pen stylus, which aids note-taking. Samsung asserts that the Galaxy Note 2 is the "ultimate smartphone for on-the-go creativity."

We take a look at the top five S Pen tips and tricks for the Galaxy Note 2.

1. Air View

One of the most handy and versatile features of the S Pen stylus is undoubtedly Air View. The S Pen can detect the screen even when it's not physically touching the display, but floating above it.

You can hover the S Pen over the top or bottom of a message list or email to scroll up or down. The Air View feature also adds a context menu to the Galaxy Note 2.

Another useful AirView feature is the quick preview. Simply hover the S Pen over any text or email and the smartphone will give you a preview of the message content. You can even preview images in the gallery.

2. Missing S Pen Notification

Often one ends up misplacing the S Pen stylus or even losing it. Samsung, however, has a solution for your missing S Pen woes.

You simply need to enable the detachment indicator feature on the Galaxy Note 2's settings menu and the phone will vibrate each time you move 10 feet away from the device's stylus. This vibration would remind the user that the S Pen has been misplaced or is lying around somewhere.

3. Screenshots And Clippings

One of the simplest and hassle-free ways of taking a screenshot is via the S Pen. Simply hold the S Pen button down and tap the screen with the stylus. Ta da! The screenshot is taken.

What's more, you can even crop and personalize the screenshot before it is saved, as well as share the image. You can even hold the S Pen's button down and draw a closed shape around the content, which saves it as an image.

4. Hand-Written Notes on PowerPoint Presentations

You can use the S Pen and the pre-installed Polaris Office app to write notes and annotations on PowerPoint presentations. Once you've opened a presentation file, hit the + button on the top of the screen. Next, opt for "Free Draw" which will let you draw all over the presentation. Save the changes and send it with all the written notes intact. 

5. Handwriting To Text

The Galaxy Note 2's S Pen has a fantastic Handwriting to Text algorithm, which converts any handwriting style to text. Even though one may not use this feature very often, it is way faster than typing and is worth trying out.

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