Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Gets Price Cut, Surface Pro 5 Still Anticipated

Microsoft did not reveal a new Surface Pro device last year. Now, the company is highly anticipated to refresh their well-loved tablet series. Although the Surface Pro 4 did quite well during its reign, remaining a top tablet of choice despite being over a year old, every Surface fan can agree that a new Surface Pro device is long overdue. With that, 2017 might be the best time for Microsoft to finally unveil the Surface Pro 5.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Discount

Even though the company hasn't exactly been generous when it comes to details about its next products, fans are expecting to see a new Surface Pro this year. The Surface Pro 4 has been given discounts many times in the past months and this can be a forecast that its successor is about to come. Right now, you can get a model of the Surface Pro 4 with a $100 price cut. The 128 GB / Core i5 / 4 GB RAM model of the tablet now has a price of $899. Its regular price is $999 so it's a practically considerable discount.

Right now only one model of the Surface Pro 4 had its priced slashed off. If you want to get the Surface Pro 4 with $100 discount, you can check it out at the Microsoft Store. Know that this 2 in 1 tablet comes with the Surface Pen and is compatible with the Surface Dial.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Rumors

The Surface Pro 5 is still unconfirmed but a bunch of rumors about this convertible have been spreading online. As per a report from Neowin, the Surface Pro 5 could boast of an ultra-HD display with 3840 x 2160 resolution. It could also have a Surface Pen that's fully integrated with the device. Nevertheless, none of these rumors have been backed up by Microsoft. There's just a really good chance that the Surface Pro 5 will be introduced this year because if it doesn't, the Surface Pro line would already be outdated.

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