World Of Warcraft News: Nostalrius Part Ways With Project Elysium And Asked The Server To Stop Using Its Code

In just a couple of weeks following the amalgamation of two giant vanilla private servers, Project Elysium was met with a myriad of problems particularly on the technical aspect of the server - as a surge of players inundated all of its existing realms. But today, Project Elysium has faced yet another "technical" complication that far surpassed any of its trials so far: the rift between the two servers' technical core values.

Nostalrius vs Project Elysium

The partnership between Nostalrius and Elysium was conceived after Blizzard's reluctance to answer the fans' plea for the creation of a separate and recognized vanilla server. Following the end of BlizzCon 2016, and seemingly all of the petitions gone down the drain, Nostalrius passed all of its source code and tools to Elysium developers to create the biggest vanilla private server to date, Project Elysium. While the server was viewed as a success, this stature ultimately led to a rift within the merged team as the ideology amongst its existing members diverges from one another.

On their official site, Viper, one of the major developers of Nostalrius has announced that they will be stopping the transfer of accounts (players) to Project Elysium and that this move stems from their aim to create a legacy server instead of just promulgating piracy of the vanilla servers. The entirety of the post can be summarized by this ending statement of the thread:

"We ask Elysium to join this effort for Legacy realms by stopping to use data that we provided. We know they aim at official legacy realms as we do. We have already stopped the account transfer process from our side as a first step. Nostalrius community is no longer about private servers; it is about official legacy realms."

This sudden turn of event has left players perplexed with regards to the issue which has now expressed their concern over the future of the server. And hours following the announcement, the Elysium team has shared their perspective with regards to the matter. In a post titled "Response to Nostalrius: Elysium Will Prevail," the team explicitly stated that they will no longer continue using the Nostalrius core (data) and they will wipe all of its existing content within their system.

The team also stated that they will continue to head the current server and all of the existing fresh data (including the newly created characters) will remain. Lastly, they will also soon introduce a new system dubbed Anathema Core in replacement to the Nostalrius source code. It's surprising to see that despite bearing the exact same goal, the two teams have different means of reaching it and that due to the varying ideology of both parties, it may have now (possibly) ruin the fruits of their long and arduous labor.

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