Foreign Investors Eyeing Chernobyl To Be Used As A Giant Solar Power Park

Years after the accident that occurred at Chernobyl in Ukraine, it looks like the abandoned place may now be put to some use. It has been reported that the Germans and the Chinese are eyeing to make the place a gigantic solar power park.

Foreign Investors Eyeing To Use Chernobyl As A Solar Power Park; To Provide Electricity To Thousands Of Households

It can be recalled that the nuclear accident at Chernobyl happened back in 1986 and the place has been abandoned since then. It has also been used as basis on some horror movies that followed the accident. As many may already know, it has left a dark mark on the minds of millions, saying that the place is unsafe due to high levels of radiation. However, it has recently caught the eye of many foreign businessmen and investors who are planning to make it into a solar power park. There is a huge zone in the area that wildlife animals roam about and few dare to visit, and it is now eyed to be taken over already.

As a matter of fact, there are two Chinese companies who have intended to donate $1 billion to make true the foreseen project of making it a solar power park in the next two years. A China National Machinery Corporation is planning to set up and run the plant with a power capacity of one gigawatt. There is also another German group that is bound to set up a plant with a capacity of 500 megawatts. There are also small companies that will build small 20 megawatt solar perks along the area. Thus, in total, the area will hold a capacity of two gigawatts that is enough to give power to over 750,000 houses in today's generation.

Renting Chernobyl Lot Could Help Boost Ukraine's Economy After Being Tainted With High Levels Of Radiation

According to reports, Ukraine has recently been troubled with a poor economy and having to rent the land for solar power energy plants could greatly help them. They have lost a lot since the nuclear explosion happened around three decades ago, and setting up the plant is useful in more ways than one. Aside from possibly boosting the country's economic state, it is also objectified to provide clean and renewable energy.

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