Apple Is Working On Battery Life Updates For MacOS Sierra, New Software Revealed

Apple is keen for MacBook Pro users to squeeze the best possible battery life out of their machines, so it's understandable that the company was taken aback by Consumer Reports' original, and insufficient battery life results. With MacOS, Apple allows users to be proactive in boosting battery performance by warning when a particular app is using a lot of power -- if it is not absolutely necessary, users will hopefully feel compelled to kill it. In the latest beta version of MacOS Sierra, screen brightness is also given into account, and users are advised that lowering this setting would really save power.

Apple Focusing On How To Improve Battery Life

Apple also includes a Low Power Mode on its iOS devices that shuts down a number of background functions and also aims to extend battery life.  In addition, the latest beta will now warn users if their display is too bright and using up too much juice out of their battery, in a possible attempt by Apple to point out to users that they can do things themselves to improve battery life.

MacOS 10.12.3 Updates And Features

As noted by a source, the fourth beta of MacOS Sierra 10.12.3 includes a new access in the battery menu which kicks in when the display is set to above 75 percent brightness. With this level, MacOS starts to consider the display as being power-hungry and lists it as something that is called "Using Significant Energy" The new Display Brightness feature is currently limited to beta testers only, but will be available to all soon as MacOS 10.12.3 is officially released.

Beta testers have thus far not found any other definite new features with 10.12.3, beyond the battery bug fix and the new Display Brightness addition. Moreover, Apple's announcement emphasized that the upcoming update "improves the stability, compatibility, and also security of your Mac."


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