Crying At Work Boosts Health And Improves Productivity

Crying at work may be frowned upon by the majority of people at the office but research says that it can boost health and even improve productivity. Despite studies saying that the workplace offers great opportunities to find friends that improve mood, it is also filled with situations that get out of control, causing stress to rise to a frustrating level, and leaving no way to cope with it but to cry. Good news to those who cry, according to psychology, crying in fact has several health benefits.  

However, it's also a good idea to choose where you let loose the floodgates. A lot of psychologists are supporting the idea of crying in the workplace if you really can't take the emotions anymore, but they are also recommending that crying should be done in a safe place where no eyes can judge you as emotionally frail which can put your career at a certain risk.  

Because the workplace is teeming with stress of various nature, and because we are all just humans, vulnerable to emotions, crying could be one way to help relieve frustrations. According to the The Guardian, although there is no evidence that suppressing real feelings can cause damage, it's important to consider the positive effects of crying at work.  First, crying in front of others have been found to strengthen social connection. 

According to the Entrepreneur, crying also alleviates anxiety. So when you feel like bursting, don't apologize for the tears, instead, look for someplace where you can safely cry and move on. Next benefit of crying is boosting the body's ability to combat stress and heal itself.  

According to Judith Orloff, M.D., tears lubricates the eyes and combats stress hormones, and also contain antibodies that fight microbes. In addition to making you feel better, it also detoxifies your body. Finally, if you're brave enough to reveal real feelings, crying at work improves productivity by clearing up pent-up emotions, and triggering communication about the problem, bringing solutions that enhance work relationships. 

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