Iron Man 3: Brand New Clip And TV Spot Reveal Recklessness Of Tony Stark

More Iron Man 3 news has surfaced, this time with a brand new clip from the film along with an international TV spot.

The TV spot for Iron Man 3 doesn't provide much more to go on. It centers around the three set pieces we've seen thus far, including the Air Force One sequence where Tony and Rhodey are trying to save crew members. The others are Tony's home being attacked by the Mandarin and the ship yard sequence where Tony summons his Iron Legion army.

The new Iron Man 3 clip, however, is more intriguing. In it, Tony Stark calls out the Mandarin in a live televised broadcast, even dropping his home address. He also smashes a reporter's smartphone for added effect.

Bad move. From what we know so far, the Mandarin not only shows up at Tony Stark's house, he outright destroys it.

The TV spots for Iron Man 3 that have come out over the past month have revealed a variety of information, including a battling Pepper Potts and the Mandarin's army. Trailers and artwork for the film have shown battle sequences, along with new Iron Man armor.

What pushes Stark to be so reckless can likely be derived from several factors. One is his experience in The Avengers, where he almost dies fighting an enemy from another world. Another factor could be the Mandarin's terrorist attack, which, as we saw in the teaser trailer, appears to leave Tony Stark's valet Happy Hogan in bad shape.

Iron Man 3 comes out in theatres on May 3.

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