Watch This Overwatch Player Make A Spot-On 'Rick And Morty' Impression In-Game

"Rick and Morty" and Overwatch are probably two of the most popular things to come out of 2016, with the former being highly-anticipated for its third season. Funny thing is, there's a guy who plays Overwatch that does a spot-on impression of Morty and Rick, and his teammates couldn't help but enjoy his "schwifty" commentary.

The video was posted up by Nickel on YouTube, and the Widowmaker in his team (username Turok) simply started talking through the group chat introducing himself as "Rick from Dimension C-137." The Rick impression was impressive enough, but Turok was also able to talk in the voice of Morty assuring his teammates that he did a pretty solid Pharah and Soldier 76.

The impression sounds so good that some of his teammates were beginning to think that they were actually playing with Justin Roiland, the creator of "Rick and Morty," as well as the voice behind several of the characters. When asked if he was actually Roiland in the middle of the match, Turok simply responded with, "I wish, right?" Some have also pointed out that there was also a slight distinction with his Rick voice.

Nevertheless, it is a good impression, and it might get fans hyped up for the release of the third season this year. A lot of fans were expecting the third season to be released sometime near the end of 2016, but it looks like the showrunners had a lot more polishing to do. Even creator Justin Roiland has joked about the release, writing, "Where the hell is season three?!!!" on his Twitter.

If reports are right, "Rick and Morty" season 3 will make its way to Adult Swim this year. Though Roiland hasn't commented on Turok's impression in Overwatch, it's still interesting to note that he's produced his own VR video game called Accounting that fans are free to check out on Steam VR.

Overwatch is now available for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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