BMW Set To Deliver Diesel-Powered Models For US Market

Despite the ongoing diesel scandal in which Volkswagen has gotten itself involved with, BMW is already set to produce diesel-powered models to be delivered in the U.S. market. Apparently, the production will start this year and it will only be a matter of time before new BMW diesel models are delivered to the shores of North America.

BMW Diesel: Going Past The Delays

The diesel-powered models of 2017 323d Sedan and Sports Wagon along with X3, xDrive28d and X5 xDrive35d has been delayed in July last year due to longer time needed by U.S. regulators to certify the abovementioned models. Apparently, certification has been granted the following month but for some reason BMW decided to put off production until now.

BMW Diesel: Production Starting Soon

At this point, there are no details yet as to when the diesel-powered BMW models will hit the market but it is expected to be soon as its production is set to begin shortly. "Diesel models will be going into production shortly at our manufacturing plants," said Rebecca K. Kiehne, product and technology spokesperson at BMW of North America in a report. While most details about the diesel-powered BMW models are still kept under wraps at this point, the certainty of their arrival is enough to get consumers excited.

Diesel BMWs Are Not The Only Ones On The Way

Apparently, diesel-powered BMW models are not the only ones that are coming to the U.S. market. Reports state that Mercedes Benz is also pondering as to whether or not it will bring diesel models from its lineup to the shores of North America. In addition, Jaguar has been reported to have already launched a diesel version of its Range Rover.

General Motors has already been selling diesel-powered models from its lineup and an addition of the Chevrolet Cruze diesel is on the way. Meanwhile, Mazda is also offering a diesel option for its 2017 CX-5 when it launches and Ford will also bring diesel-powered F-150 next year as reported. From the looks of things, diesel engines still have a bright future in the U.S. market.

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