Bobcat Goldthwait, Man On The Moon, Shaft And More

With Netflix constantly updating they're already massive library of movies and TV shows, it can be hard to know what is worth adding to your instant queue, which is, let's be honest, already overflowing with things you've been mean to get to.

Well we here at iTech Post have been keeping an eye on this week's releases and have a few suggestions to load up on your Apple TV, Xbox 360 or PS3 at home or iOS or Android device on the go (or the toilet).

Bobcat Goldthwait

During the standup comedy boom of the 1980s, few comics filled those brick wall backdrops with the kind of energy brought by the strange name and stranger voice of Bobcat Goldthwait. Goldthwait has spent the past few years bringing that energy to the films he's directed, like Worlds Greatest Dad and God Bless America. This special, however, marks his return to his roots, talking in front of people. It's good to have him back.

The Comedy

The Comedy is a semi-ironically titled new film from director Rick Alverson starring Tim Heidecker, of Tim & Eric fame, as a directionless Brooklyn hipster coping with the long slow death of his father and sleeping with several women on his boat. Appearances from Heidecker’s regular partner Eric Wareheim and LCD Soundsystem singer James Murphy as Heidecker’s friends provide additional aging Brooklyn hipster cred.


This mid-80s classic, starring Harrison Ford as a detective protecting a child in the witness protection program in Amish country, marks the beginning of the post-Star Wars portion of Ford's career, ranked up there with The Fugitive and Air Force One. The intrigue of life-or-death secrets and hidden identity have kept this movie in the cultural consciousness for almost 20 years. Now you can see why.

Man On The Moon

Jim Carrey's love letter to and portrayal of comedy icon Andy Kaufman provides an excellent look into the man who was voted too weird for SNL as he struggled with leveraging his mainstream success on the hit sitcom Taxi with aspirations for greater artistic freedom.


This 2000 remake of the classic 1970s blaxploitation series that starred John Roundtree gives Samuel L. Jackson a chance to don the black leather trench coat on his mission to clean up the mean streets of New York City. It may have lacked the punch of the original, but if you're fan of the original Shaft or Samuel L. Jackson, it may be worth a watch just to see some premium screaming.

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