Google Saves Offline Searches In Case Of Bad Connection

Google is providing a little tweak available on the Google app for Android regarding your searches in case your connection is not cooperating with you.

The update will allow you to queue your searches whenever there's no connection. When the connection becomes steady, your search result will be ready for you. The feature is up and running in the latest version of the Google app for Android devices.

Google is only an addition to a number of apps gaining these new offline capabilities. Other apps are Google Translate and Google Maps have gotten similar improvements to their offline abilities. Specifically, Google Translate has already allowed translation within apps on Android, meaning users don't need to copy text from one app then have the text posted to Google Translate. Users need only to copy the text and wait for a Google Translate button to pop up. Offline Translate capability has also rolled into iOS devices. Google Maps, on the other hand, was way ahead of the game with its offline navigation features.

Google says that mobile networks tend to be inconsistent or spotty. While you can have a connection when you start your search, your results might not get to you because of a connection failure.

"With this change, search results are saved as soon as they are retrieved, even if you lose connection afterward or go into airplane mode," says a Google blog post by a product manager, Shekhar Sharad.

The Android Google app update will be checking behind the scenes for a decent network connection. As soon as a connection is available, the app will immediately deliver your search results. Google assures users that there is no need to worry as the update will not be draining your battery even when the app is doing the extra background checking. The streamlined search results pages will also impact user data usage minimally.

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