iPhone 6: Larger Screen? Waterproof? Tougher Materials?

Though it's true we still hardly know a thing about Apple's forthcoming iPhone 6 (heck, we're still waiting on the iPhone 5S over here!), we can still expect something very special from the next generation mobile smartphone from Apple.

Apple has a knack for changing up the design/user interface of its smartphones every two years, and thus it's time for a likely change in the works for both the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 5S, which will likely be based on a similarly revised model.

Even more excitingly, we've heard speculation that Steve Jobs may have had something to do with some of the exciting new features we should be seeing with the iPhone 6, as well.

What, then, might the iPhone 6 actually look like? For this, we're almost as excited that Gotta Be Mobile has come through with some of the best iPhone 6 concepts out on the scene right now.

Some of the iPhone 6 concepts look pretty darn good, and are even rather realistic depictions of what we might see with the iPhone 6.

"There are no laser keyboards or hidden projectors, but these iPhone 6 mock ups show us what an iPhone 6 could actually look like on a store shelf or in your hand," Gotta Be Mobile says.

Features we can see throughout the concepts for the iPhone 6 include:

* larger screens

* new control methods

* tougher materials

* those that are "borrowed" from the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Sony Xperia Z

* those that are also based on an alleged iPhone 6 prototype

Our favorite iPhone 6 concept has got to be the "Waterproof iPhone 6 Concept With No Home Button" by Arthur Reis. The concept is an homage to the "classic" iPhone 5 design while also allowing for a - wait for it - waterproof design "capable of surviving drops of up to 12m."

Now that sounds like an iPhone 6 to us!

Rumor has it the iPhone 5S will arrive some time in summer/fall 2013 and that the iPhone 6 will probably be available in 2014.

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