‘The Town Of Light - Accolades' Psycho-Thriller Game Heads To PlayStation 4 This Year, Trailer Released

‘The Town Of Light - Accolades' Psycho-Thriller Game Heads To PlayStation 4 This Year, Trailer Released
The trailer of "The Town of Light - Accolades" has just been released and the said game is set to release this year. Watch the trailer here and read on for more details. Photo : PlayStation/YouTube

The psychological thriller video game titled “The Town of Light – Accolades” is finally heading to PlayStation 4. Along with the announcement, a new trailer has just been launched featuring details on the upcoming video game. The said video game is expected to be out within this year.

PlayStation has just revealed the latest trailer for the up and coming “The Town of Light – Accolades” video game showcasing the said game’s story and a tease of its gameplay. The developers have revealed that the new adventure thriller video game is based and inspired on true events, which makes playing it more fun. They have stated that it inspired by facts, real places, and extensive research that was put into studying mental illness and delved into the lives of several patients in asylums that were put up in the early 1900s for their closure.

Being the eerie yet intriguing video game that “The Town of Light – Accolades” was designed to be, the developers have heeded players that the said game contains stories that may cause discomfort for players so it is highly recommended that the said video game be played only be adults and that if that the gamers do feel affected by the game, they are heavily recommended to see professional help as soon as possible. The game incorporates features that may be too deep or bold for minors to understand yet and even handle. Making sure the video game is as realistic as it can be, giving gamers the nearest experience as much as possible, the developers have used an artistic interpretation of the former psychiatric institutions for in-game dramatic purposes.

Of course, they have stated as well that despite incorporating such features in their game and dramatizing it, the developers have emphasized and acknowledged the huge effort put into advancing services to treat and cater to mental illnesses all over the world. With all the warnings that developers have asked the gamers to pay heed to, one would definitely wonder what is “The Town of Light – Accolades” all about. This video game is set in a story that is told through the eyes of a 16-year old girl named Renee, who suffers from symptoms of a mental illness.

Players have to go through her vision and search for answers that will put light on her questionable past while exploring the places where she spent most of her youth in. Aside from the intriguing story, “The Town of Light – Accolades” boasts a stunning animation and graphics that puts the said game ahead of the competition. The in-game environment is placed so vividly that it is difficult not to get immersed.

It has been reported that to further enhance the gaming experience, the developers are looking into maximizing the features of the PlayStation 4 Pro as well. With a game that already looks astounding both with its animation and story, it is exciting to know what else the developers can improve. “The Town of Light – Accolades”, which is a different kind of horror game that many should try out, is set this spring of 2017 for a worldwide release.

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