DJI Osmo: A Quick Overview For The Karma Grip Competitor

The DJI Osmo+ is DJI's handheld gimbal that allows for professional-looking video captures. It is one of the simplest but most useful tools that can be used in videography. It pretty much has the same goal as the GoPro Karma Grip, they just differ in the specifics. Here's a quick review of the DJI Osmo+.

DJI Osmo+ Overview

The DJI Osmo+ comes with an integrated zoom camera that allows for a 7x zoom that doesn't sacrifice HD quality. This stabilizer also allows users to record motion time-lapse without the need for professional equipment. As per DJI's description of the Osmo's ability to take time-lapse videos, you just need to mark the start and end of the camera movement and you'll be good to go. Generally, the DJI Osmo+ offers a stable footage despite camera movement. This means that you can likewise take selfies without worrying about the camera's lack of focus.

DJI Osmo Mobile Overview

If you want a simple tool to make your smartphone footage superb, the DJI Osmo Mobile is the product for you. It can basically turn your phone into a smart motion camera to make your shots smoother and more cinematic. Just like the Osmo+, the DJI Osmo Mobile helps you take still footage as it cancels the movements and camera shakings that you make.

Furthermore, you can also live-stream your footage to your social media accounts using the DJI GO app. Of course, smartphone camera quality matters when talking about final outputs. But as a whole, the DJI Osmo Mobile will help you create the best videos out of your day-to-day smartphone. Know that this equipment is even able to shoot slow-motion videos, so even if you aren't a pro, you can take cinematic shots without the help of any expert or software. As for the prices, you can get the DJI Osmo Mobile for $299 and the DJI Osmo+ for $649.


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