Huawei Executives Arrested For Leaking Sensitive Company Information To One Of Its Main Competitors

A corporative controversy has exploded in China, since it was known that 6 Huawei´s executives have been arrested for leaking classified information from the company to one of its main competitors LeEco, in a moment in which both tech giants are coming to the U.S. market in order to extend their power and popularity.

Huawei´s Executives Could Have Leaked Smartphones´ Information

According to Tech Times, the 6 Huawei´s executives were detained in relation to a patent infringement, and it has been known that these people are production designers that were already out of the company at the time of the arrest. However, the only detail that is not known yet is the classified information that they provided to LeEco, but many suggests that it could be anything relating to smartphones, given the fact that Huawei is most important in this field in China, and it has been known that LeEco has been trying to get a foothold in the U.S. by selling budget smartphones, which is something that could harm Huawei´s interests.

Although this is something that could be considered as a bold move from LeEco, any believe that this modus operandi is not exactly unethical comparatively aggressive, given the fact that being a new company, the only way to compete and start in the best way possible is by luring Huawei´s executives, or important members of any other companies as Oppo Electronics Corp. or Coolpad Group Ltd.

LeEco Initially Denied Any Kind Of Involvement

 In fact, CEO of explained that a new player like LeEco is forced to poach experienced talent from other companies in order to scale up quickly since otherwise, it would be almost impossible. As reported by Fortune, the arrest of Huawei´s executives could be hastened by the close relationship that the company has with the Chinese government.

Also, it has been known that LeEco initially denied any kind of involvement with the 6 executives, but Huawei got to the point of stating that the new company has two technological patents, a children´s smartwatch and an antenna design, that originally belongs to it. Nevertheless, this is something that hasn't been proved yet, and the information that LeEco received remains unknown.

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