Mozilla Revamps Its Logo And Brand Identity

Mozilla is unveiling the redesign of their logo, as a part of its new brand identity. The new Mozilla logo apparently "reinforces that the Internet is at the heart of Mozilla."

The brand new logo, handled by Typotheque, typeface developers and marketers based in The Hague, the Netherlands, sports a new typeface. The logo replaces "ill" with a colon and two forward slashes "Moz://a", an impression of internet addresses.

"Because it has a portion of URL embedded in the middle of the logo, you know this must be some kind of internet company," says Mozilla creative director, Tim Murray. He wants to improve people's understanding of Mozilla as a promoter of web literacy and online security. Mozilla's new identity is also meant to play harmoniously with the Mozilla community's "maker spirit".

The logo which resists san serif domination evokes the Courier font and intends to provide a journalistic feel to remind people about key issues of Internet health. Further details about their new logo can be read in their recent blog post. The wordmark and copy line font is called Zilla which is free and open to everyone.

Mozilla sought to revamp its brand identity sometime in June 2016. An open source design project was set to invite public participation regarding its massive redesign. Mozilla put up prospective logos from Johnson Banks online, where anyone was allowed to give their opinions. Around 3,000 comments were gathered by the team.

Mozilla which has been running for about 15 years was founded by members of Netscape. Its most well-known contribution is the free Firefox internet browser, which is up for big changes this year. Mozilla has been developing open-source technologies with economic value for public benefit. "Internet for people, not profit" says Mozilla on their website while they dub themselves the champions for free Internet.

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