LG Pushing For South America Smart Home Market Foothold

Numerous technologies that LG hopes will help it win the smart home appliance market were on display in Cancun recently, at the 2013 LG Innovative Festival. Amont the offerings were new refrigerators and the HOM-BOT SQUARE robotic vacuum cleaner that aims to one-up the current leader, Roomba.

LG took its latest smart home technology, much of which had been on display at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January, to Cancun to emphasize its recent push into South America and Central America.

Massive technological leaps are happening in South America and Central America, and LG wants to make sure it's a key player –– if possible, the main one.

"LG's home appliances are designed with a host of unique, smart and innovative technologies and we are very excited about the extent to which these appliances can improve the lives of consumers across the region," said Se-woo Park, LG’s president of the South and Central America region. "These products offer larger capacities and greater energy efficiency, and they also boast sleek, convenient designs. With this in mind, we are confident that LG can be the number one home appliance brand by 2015."

As another strategy to grow its footprint in the region, LG plans to not only sell its products in South American and Central America, but to make them there too.

“LG intends to develop its production facilities in South and Central America so that LG products can be manufactured from start to finish in the same region,” according to a press release. “In particular, the expansion of its manufacturing facility in Monterrey will make the facility the core center of LG's regional production sites. In addition, the Monterrey facility will exemplify the company's manufacturing flexibility, producing LG's top selling washing machines as well as customized products tailored to local needs.”

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