Primate Extinction Is A Growing Possibility

Many species today are endangered due to loss of habitat. Human activity has greatly been responsible for this. Primate extinction is a growing possibility over the years.

Many primate species are threatened with extinction. Many of the primate species live in areas that mostly tropical. These areas are also in danger due to activities such as deforestation. Natural resources in such areas are heavily exploited as well.

As much as 60 percent of around 500 species of primates are threatened because of such activities. Researchers have taken data from the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the United Nations to get a better view on how much are primate species affected. Researchers have found a grim scenario in which within the next 50 years several primate species might become extinct.

Human encroachment into primate habitat is the primary reason for this, as explained by study co-author Christian Rooz from the German Primate Center (DPZ). Many of the natural habitats of primates are threatened as human progress continues. Some of the habitats are being transformed as roads are being built for more mobility. This is most true in areas where progress is thriving.

Preserving natural habitats would mean finding sustainable ways for communities to live without disturbing the ecosystem, according to the German Primate Center's site. That would also mean finding ways to get resources without destroying natural habitats. Many of the resources are being used for materials for goods which would be exported to other countries.

Immediate action is being called if most primate species are to be conserved, as Science Daily reports. Many primate species are in areas that are threatened, and this need to protect them as well as the habitats they are in have become urgent. This call to protect the habitats should be acted on by governments together with environmentalists and scientists in order to preserve primates, as well as other wildlife.

Conservation is important. Biodiversity in the ecosystem is crucial in the survival of many species. Primate extinction is a growing possibility if this is not done. Also reported is that the oldest gorilla in the US has died.

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