Jack Nicholson’s Retirement: ‘Memory Loss’ Rumored Reason

Jack Nicholson, one of Hollywood’s living legends, has finally put to rest years of speculation surrounding his acting career. The 79-year-old actor has confirmed that he will retire from show business. However, he did not disclose if his retirement is due to memory loss.

According to his Easy Rider co-star Peter Fonda, Nicholson can be considered as “basically retired.” Though he refused to speak fully on behalf of his co-actor, Fonda said that Nicholson has already done a lot of work. He also said that the actor is financially secured.

According to Mirror Online, Nicholson has previously admitted in interviews that the aging process has helped him improve in his character. Known as a “lady’s man,” Nicholson said that there are times in his life when he felt that he was irresistible to women. Since he has aged, however, he said that he no longer feels the same confidence compared to when he was younger.

However, he also admitted that aging has served as a balancing act for him. He has developed his characters well despite his decline in physical strength. The actor perceives these changes as a “balancing act “ where he needed to get used to.

 According to NIH, it is inevitable for aging persons like Nicholson to experience memory loss. Some of its causes include vitamin B12 deficiency and chronic alcoholism. However, this condition can be treated with medication as soon as possible.

Emotional problems, such as stress, anxiety, or depression, can make a person more forgetful and can be mistaken for dementia. For instance, someone who has recently retired or who is coping with the death of a spouse, relative, or friend may feel sad, lonely, worried, or bored. Trying to deal with these life changes leaves some people confused or forgetful.

iTech Post suggested five ways to prevent or delay memory loss. These include adding fish to our diet, proper exercise, good sleep, listening to music, and playing crossword puzzle. Positive disposition is the key to achieving good mental health.

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