BlackBerry 10 OS To Get 10.1 Update In April

BlackBerry 10 fans will welcome the news that the first major software update to 10.1 will be pushed out by the Canadian company in the end of April.

The software update will be rolled out for BlackBerry Z10 owners. Currently, the Z10 is the only smartphone running on the BlackBerry 10 (BB10) OS, as the Q10 is slated to launch later this month.

However, the update to version 10.1 is equally relevant to the Q10 and many of the features have apparently been designed keeping the QWERTY keyboard of the Q10 in mind.

"Blackberry10 Maintenance Release 10.1 Os Builds On The Features And Functionality Found On The Blackberry Z10 Smartphone And Adds Additional Support For The Physical Keyboard And Screen Size Found On The Blackberry Q10 Smartphone," reports BBIN.

The BlackBerry Q10 will be the first new BB10 smartphone to feature a QWERTY keyboard. The software update to BlackBerry 10.1 will bring a new feature called "Type N Go," which lets users quickly access several commands directly from the search bar.

To illustrate, if a user types "email" and the contact's name, the Q10 will instantly launch the email client and the name. The process also works similarly for BBM, SMS and phone calls.

The BB10 update is also slated to bring shortcut keys using the keyboard hardware buttons. To zoom in users can simply press "i" or "o" to zoom out. Pressing "r" will generate the reply option to an email and hitting "f" forwards the email.

The word prediction feature has also undergone a tweak and touts new adjustments especially for the Q10. BlackBerry Balance has also received modifications for an easier transition between personal and professional use.

BlackBerry has apparently also added a darker interface color; however, this feature will likely be exclusive to the Q10.

Other features the update to version 10.1 brings are Smartcard Support, Mnemonic Phone Dialing and Out-of-Box Experience.

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