‘For Honor' New Trailer Talks About The Three Factions And Conquering Territories

Ubisoft has released the latest trailer for "For Honor", revealing more of the game. This time, it is all about what the three factions have to do in the said video game. The Vikings, Samurai, and Knights are going into war to take, conquer, and control territories.

"For Honor" is an up and coming online multiplayer video game that sets on a hack and slash genre. With more than just killing off enemies and defeating factions, the said video game has more to offer. Ubisoft has designed "For Honor" to become a video game that will have players all around the world to be united and have one goal and that is to control territories.

"For Honor" houses three different factions, which players can choose from. The war-born Vikings, the valorous Knights, and the gentle Samurai are all up for players to pick with each faction housing different kinds of classes, otherwise referred to as heroes. The closed beta has already revealed three heroes of the five classes of each faction and so far they are looking good with different armors and having their own special kinds of skills set.

Players will have to fight for territory in "For Honor" by expanding their chosen faction's area and at the same protecting it from being invaded by any of the other two factions. The faction war can be carried out in different places and the closed beta has already revealed two maps for every faction. The Samurai's territory has the Sanctuary Bridge and Forest, the Vikings territory has the River Fort and Canyon, and the Knights faction will have the Citadel Gate and Cathedral. All of these places will witness a bloodshed that will choose the wolves among the sheep.

Ubisoft has revealed before that the story of "For Honor" centers around the cold-blooded Apollyon that drives the three factions to wage war against each other. The main objective of the said game is to figure out who is the strongest and who will last the longest. "For Honor" will be out for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and MS Windows on Feb. 14 but a closed beta will be held starting Jan. 26 prior to the official release of the game.

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