Nintendo Switch Update: More Than 80 Game Titles Are Currently Under Works

Nintendo has revealed some of the major information regarding their newest console called the Nintendo Switch. The event highlights the upcoming console's price, release date and game line up. Following the reveal, fans are eating up every drop of information they can get from the newest gaming console.

Based on the announced game titles lining up for Nintendo Switch, it was a bit low on number but the list still includes the powerhouse game title Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Apparently, beyond of what has been named, Nintendo said that there are over 80 games that are currently under works for Nintendo Switch.

According to the report from The Bitbag, there are numerous game titles listed for Nintendo Switch that have been named and partially dated. These games includes Splatoon 2, Sykrim, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Minecraft. Meanwhile, there will be lots of game titles to arrive this year aside from what has been mentioned above. That means, it is expected that Nintendo Switch could have a solid first year.

On the other hand, Nintendo is pretty much trying to recover with the Switch after Wii U's very disappointing performance in sales previously. As reported, Wii U had a larger line up during its launch with 20 games. However, no titles were able to standout. Some suspected that it is due to the massive released titles where only few games gathered enough of those primary sales.

It seems like Nintendo is trying to avoid this kind of mistake by releasing a smaller line up and will be launching more follow up games later in order for these games to occupy their own time in the limelight.

In addition, Nintendo Switch will also arrive earlier than expected as it is scheduled to arrive this March instead of the jam-packed holiday season. Meanwhile, it seems like Nintendo is playing the long game right now, preparing the Switch to have a strong holiday by setting it on the market early and tries to build momentum moving forward.


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