4-Year-Old Walks: Thanks To Stranger's Donation

Luis Tamarez, 4-year-old preschooler stood tall, this month thanks to stranger’s kind donation that helped him take his very first step. A student at North Main Street Elementary School in Pleasantville, New Jersey, took his steps this month using an Upsee mobility device today with his mom and step dad watching. Luis stepfather said he could not find words to describe how he feels. He described it as phenomenal, and how happy his son’s face looks like. It was incredible and the people in the school have been very nice to him.
Luis does not want to miss a day and even during the weekends Luis wants to go back to the school. Because of this his parents are so grateful. Luis has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair to get around. Amy Cutler, Luis’ teacher said the Luis has an incredible spirit and loved by his friends and teachers alike.
Cutler said that she learned about the Upsee through a colleague in December. It is a harness that allows children like Luis to stand up straight with the guidance from the other person attached to it. She also started researching and collecting funds for the Upsee. They needed $500 dollars to buy the Upsee for the 4-year-old.
According to the ABC News, Yorel Browne, a former principal and is a substitute teacher was intrigued by Cutler’s idea. Browne also works as an Uber driver and was chatting with a local businessman whom he was driving to Atlantic City. The two made a small talk that led into a random act of kindness. Browne recalled that he was telling a story about how great a kid with disabilities and on how that kid is so enthused to help himself. The businessman said, that the school does not need to raise funds for it anymore that he will write a check to cover for this device.
They brought the gentleman to the school. He wrote a check for $500 dollars. The stranger that was riding Browne’s Uber was the owner of a local heating, ventilation and air conditioning company. His name is Jim Burke. He is 49, of Mays Landing, New Jersey. Bruke said he donated the$500 dollars for Luis’ Upsee because he was in the right place at the right time. He also said that the story touched him.
According to the Fox News, Bruke was invited January 5 to witness Luis’ use his Upsee for the first time. While attached to his one-on-one aid, Collins Days. Bruke described how heart melting to see Luis’ reaction. Luis was overjoyed and was smiling. Bruke also remembers Luis says “I am standing.”
Luis’ mother could not thank Bruke enough for his generosity. She said that it is something that does not have a price. She has no words to describe it. 4-year-old walks for the very first time makes his friends and family very happy, thanks to the generous strangers who were touched by his story.

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