Station Obama Will Continue To Monitor Climate In Antarctica

Station Obama is about to play a bigger role abut our fight against climate change. The station received its name in honor of the 44th president inauguration. The station is a sampling location for climate monitoring of the Antarctic Peninsula. In contrast the Trump administration had deleted references to climate change, and has shown no acknowledgement that climate change is a real threat to our planet.
Scientist plan to go back to the location and collect data as proof on how the climate change is affecting the ecosystem. This will take a long-term study on the region. Hugh Ducklow, an oceanographer at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory and the Center for Climate and Life said that this journey is to call attention to how far the progress has been towards addressing climate change during Obama’s presidency.
According to the Live Science, President Obama left office Friday, but scientists have a lot to thank him about, like the Station Obama that monitors climate change started eight years ago. The station ensures the legacy of Obama that values the study of climate change. Ducklow said that since 1950, the temperature in the region raised 11 degrees Fahrenheit. This caused the ice season grew shorter.
This also caused 80 percent of of glaciers in the region to retreat. Rising temperature also caused the decrease of krill, which are food for penguins. Ducklow also added that we only have one home planet and its habitability for human civilization is maintained by healthy ecosystems.
According to The Mary Sue, Station Obama is different from the Japanese Obama Station. The data gathered in the station shows that huge changes are afoot in the region. The Antarctic Peninsula is also likely to see a Delaware-sized ice shelf disintegrate in the coming months. A change that will speed the flow of land ice to the sea, and with it, more sea level rise. And that the Staton Obama deserves more importance.

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