How Smartphone Manufacturers Like Sony, LG And Samsung Avoid Heating And Explosion Problems

Smartphone safety has become a bigger issue now more than ever. The recent recall done by Samsung is quite an eye-opener to both smartphone makers and smartphone users that things can go wrong if proper safety measures are not met. This opens users' curiosity as to how battery heating can be controlled properly.

Thermal Pipes to Be Used By Smartphone Makers This 2017

Thermal pipes aren't something new. In fact, Samsung's Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge already make use of it to properly dissipate heat. However, this thermal system might become more mainstream this year as new reports come out about LG's usage of the said technology for the LG G6 alongside Samsung with the Galaxy S8. As per Android Authority, Sony has also been using thermal pipes for its Xperia flagships but the said tool has only become more popular when the S7 was announced.

Samsung's thermal pipe system is also a little different that the normal ones. Basically, the idea is that there is a porous structure inside the phone that lets water absorb the heat and turn it into steam. The steam then moves through pipes and after the heat dissipates, the steam turns to liquid and the process continues as a cycle.

2017 Flagship Devices To Use Thermal Pipes

LG has already boasted about its upcoming flagships being very safe. This makes sense considering the reports saying that the company will be using heat pipes supplied by Furukawa Electric and Delta Electronics. As for Samsung, it's safe to assume that it will continue to use thermal pipes in its upcoming flagship phones. Digi Times say that the shipment for Samsung's heat pipes will be made by Auras Technology and Chaun Choung Technology and this could occur next month. This will be just in time for the anticipated April launch of the Galaxy S8.


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