NES Classic Edition Available At Target; Stocks Also Available At Chunk Toys, Newegg And Player's Choice But Comes With A Price

The struggle to find the NES Classic Edition continues but it seems like things are looking brighter and brighter.

Target Aims to Sell More NES Classics

Target reportedly has replenished its stock of the hard-to-find mini NES console. People are relating how they got their NES Classic with the help of BrickSeek.

The website shows that the overall in-stock score of target improved from a mere 2 percent to a not-so-impressive 6 percent. Still, the rise in percentage shows that Nintendo is slowly addressing the lack of consoles.

Target Inventory Glitches?

There was one instance, however, when a prospective buyer was told that there were no units available despite its website saying otherwise. The story, which broke on Reddit, says the man saw that a couple of units were available at Target as listed by BrickSeek around 11 in the evening. Around 6:30 a.m. the next day, he proceeded to the Target store and was told by the manager that they "prematurely acknowledged the wrong truck" and that the stocks would be made available the following day.

The "sketchy" incident had a happy ending, though, as the man got his NES Classic the next day after he went to the store around 7 in the morning.

Other Stores with the NES Classic

Aside from target, the NES Classic Edition is also available at Newegg, Chunk Toys, and Player's Choice. The NES Classics in these retail stores, however, are being offered at a higher price than its initial retail price. In fact, the price has doubled for these stores including those selling the console on Amazon.

There is a bit of controversy as far as Amazon is concerned.

A Reddit user has accused the retail store of not selling the NES Classic even if it had them in stock. In Amazon's defense, the store's customer support representative did say that the company is still in the process of figuring out a better way to sell their units to avoid the Amazon site from crashing again due to heavy traffic.

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