Trump Gets @POTUS Twitter Account As "LGBT" And "Climate Change" Deleted From Official White House Website

By Edge Ison , Jan 21, 2017 03:05 AM EST

The avid Twitter user is now the official President of the United States and with the title comes the privilege of using the Twitter handle @POTUS.

President Donald Trump was sworn in yesterday amidst celebrations and protests in one of the more colorful and controversial inaugurations in recent history.

Not lost in the political brouhaha was the fact that the @POTUS handle shifted owners from former President Barrack Obama to the business tycoon turned the most powerful man in America. But it seems that anything Trump touches these days turned into something controversial.

2009 All Over Again? Maybe Not.

As trump was being sworn as the 45th President of the United States, the @POTUS Twitter account switched owners as the profile photo and header image changed. It would have been a smooth transition if not for the fact that Trump's team decided to use an image from Obama's inauguration in 2009.

Web blogger Adam Pash caught the faux pas and posted it on Twitter and was quickly picked up by various media outlets.

The header image has since been changed to a photo of the new president by a window and looking outside. Trump also didn't waste any time and declared his appreciation to all his supporters through a tweet saying, "On behalf of my entire family, THANK YOU! #InaugurationDay". He followed that up with a tweet saying he was "signing documents to allow [James] Mattis and [John] Kelly to be sworn into Cabinet".

In a controversial move, Trump also signed an executive order that will curtail Obamacare which he also mentioned in the tweet.

LGBT and Climate Change

The controversy did not end with the header image. Over at the White House's official website, some people have noticed that the words "LGBT" and "climate change" have been dropped.

Reports say the two words were unsearchable in the website right after Trump took office.

George Takei, the iconic Star Trek actor, tweeted this piece of information saying the sections in the web page involving climate change, healthcare, civil rights and LGBT were removed.

The tweet quickly caught fire with thousands of people retweeting it and saying there is a direct correlation with Trump's views and the removal of the sections. Some, however, pointed out that the missing sections we only moved to

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