Pokemon Go Update: A Possible Mewtwo Event Concept Revealed; How It Works

Legendary Pokemon are one of the most-anticipated species that fans would love to see in Pokemon Go. Since the game launched last year, there were no signs regarding the possible arrival of this Pokemon. Apparently, there are lots of rumors and reports about the topic but it seems like Niantic is still holding back the idea of releasing these mythical creatures.

As reported previously, Niantic CEO John Hanke mentioned a future Legendary Event for Pokemon Go that is expected to bring the remaining five Pokemon of Generation One. However, there are no further details regarding the said event yet.

Currently, one fan came up on an idea of having a possible Mewtwo Event. He drew and release the concept online. As reported on Otakukart, the said event will feature the DNA Pokemon Mewtwo and players will have a chance to capture the said Pokemon at a given time.

Based on the report, players will be given a banner containing the details of the current event at the beginning of the game where it states that Professor Willow is currently searching for rare items needed for his experiment. In addition, the players will also be given instructions on how to get these items and transfer them to Professor Willow.

Meanwhile, the items that Professor Willow need are called Unknown DNA and Unknown Fossil. The report mentioned that they will be a chance-drop at any PokeStop. Once obtained, players will be required to head to a special PokeStop location in order to transfer them to the Professor.

Based on the concept of the event, Mewtwo will spawn and will be made available for capture within 30 minutes if Professor Willow will receive all the items he needs. Overall, the Mewtwo Event is a great idea and is somehow challenging for the fans. If Niantic were to consider, they could tweak the concept, where they will add twists to make it more engaging.


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