Weather Patterns Shift With Climate Change

Climate change continues to affect the world. This has also changed how weather is in many areas. Weather patterns shift with climate change, researchers have found.

The study of climate change has so far focused on its more severe aspect such as more hurricanes and storms. However researchers are now also looking at the possible effect climate change would have on more milder weather. Researchers from NOAA and Princeton University have analyzed how milder weather could possibly be affected by climate change.

Mild weather is usually the time when outdoor activities could be made. Many economically viable activities are also more possible during mild weather. This would include vacations, fishing and tourism. Knowing how a shift global climate pattern would help in also planning for a change in these activities.

A few regions would be affected by this more than others. Some regions such as Africa and Asia might lose mild weather days because of rising heat caused by global warming. 15 to 50 mild weather days are forecasted to happen to these areas by the end of the century. People's health could also be affected as a more extended heat would happen in certain regions.

Other areas though would gain more milder weather days, according to NOAA's site. These areas would include Europe, Canada and parts of the United States. The Northeast, Midwest and Northwest of the US would benefit most from this shift in weather pattern. This shift might mean 10 to 15 more days of mild weather in those areas.

The study in weather pattern changes has been made with the help of some supercomputers. Two supercomputers from NOAA have been used for this, as Science Daily reports. These supercomputers are Gaea and Thea.

Sarah Kapnick, co-author of the study and a physical scientist at NOAA's GFDL has said that the study could help business and industries. This could also help areas that would be most affected by climate change. As climate change continues, many areas would be hit hard by the changes in weather pattern. Weather patterns shift with climate change. Climate is also important to insects as they make the world's largest migrations.

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